Demetrios Athens

The Artist

Starting out as a commercial manager, the founder and designer of Demetrios Athens, Demetrios Sorlonis, soon came across and fell in love with the world of jewelry and decided to venture in a more creative career path. Since 2010, Demetrios designs and manufactures hand-made jewels and accessories for both women and men, having beauty and high aesthetics as the pillars of his design philosophy. He draws his inspiration from Urban Street Unisex Style, traveling around the world, as well as his personal experiences and people, both friends and strangers, with whom he comes across daily while walking in the center of Athens. Clean lines and simple forms, different cultures and unique raw material from all around the world shape the main characteristics of Demetrios Athens jewels. Demetrios admits that he wishes to create jewelry that he himself would love to wear; jewelry that we would gladly receive as a gift or him offering as a gift to others. He creates for the modern woman and man, aiming to inspire their look and empower each one’s unique personality.