Demetrios Athens


Golden Or Silver – The Eternal Dilemma!


Still wonder whether the color of your eyes or the shade of your skin should dictate your choice between golden or silver jewelry? Have you heard about the “golden” rules of picking the right piece of jewelry, but you are not completely sure you wish to follow them? And what would you say to someone who might urge you to mix these two shades?

Let us take a peek at some of the basic “rules” that govern the jewelry market for some decaded now:

Fairer skin tones usually call for golden jewels, while darker skin seems to match better with silver
Silver usually accessorizes more casual or morning looks, while golden shades seem to give some extra glow to formal attires
Summer loves gold since tanned skin complements our golden accessories
Your manicure could set the tone for golden or silver jewels since warmer nail colors prefer gold when cooler nail shades go for silver
So, which way would you go? Is there a right and wrong path to ultimate style? Are rules made to be followed?

The answer is… your personal style is personal! Or at least it should be so as for you to feel comfortable and empowered by what accessorizes your look. Yes, it is true, golden shades do match fairer skin tones, but that does not in any way mean that a pair of big golden ear rings cannot dial up the beauty of a brunette. And even if you wish to combine both shades, well just go ahead and do it! Whether in minimal or maximal mood, your own personal style sense is always better than just following norms and “rules” that stop up from expressing our own personality. So… gold? Why not? Silver? Sure! Golden and silver combined? Do it! Accessorize to impress!

by Demetrios Sorlonis